Continue West through the Pyrenees

This trip continues near to where the trip starting in Andorra ends. It starts in Rialp, close to Vielha, and takes you further West through stunning scenery.

The Pyrenees stretch a long way West after Vielha. It would be a shame if we didn’t provide an attractive tour through those mountains. Hence this roadbook. You can drive it after you have completed the tour starting in Andorra or independently starting in Rialp. Whatever you do, it’s a great experience and no day is the same.

Characteristics of the trip

You start the first day on easy tracks with great views over the mountains and into the valleys. Just enjoy the solitude. The next day presents you with a longer route, but definitely doable in a relaxed way. You will come across quite a few gates – always close them behind you. Some of the tracks on day three are mpore technical than what went before. There’s a challenging stretch towards the end. You can avoid it if you wish. You then drive to Alquezar, one of Spain’s finest villages. The itinerary is beautiful, taking you along and through a small stream at some point. Spend a day in Alquezar and do a nice walk into and through the valley.

The next leg is almost entirely on tarmac. In this area off-road driving is not allowed. It doesn’t really matter as the scenery is beautiful. We compensate for the tarmac the next day, which takes you on beautiful stretches across the mountains and some great tracks. Day six ends in Huesca, also a nice place to visit. The final day leads to Murillo de Gallego, a village with a great view on the Mallos de Riglos, a spectacular mountain range, which you will already have seen in the distance along your way. If you like walking, this is the place to be.

  • Allow at least seven days to drive the entire journey. Take longer if you want to take it easy and go onto some of the suggested walks or visits.
  • The total distance is about 700 kms.
  • Approximately 70% is off-tarmac, quite easy to drive and always fun.
  • Suitable for a standard 4×4 with low-range transfer case and sufficient ground clearance.
  • For 4x4s without transfer case alternatives for the difficult parts are indicated on the map.
  • You must have AT tyres on your car.

Visit interesting places

There are lots of intresting places to see on or near the route. Many are indicated in the e-roadbook. You decide what you want visit, so that you can turn this truly into your own journey. ou can deviate from the itinerary as much and wherever you like and pick it up again at any point.

The app can lead you to interesting place, even if these are not directly on the route. Click on a place you’d like to visit and Google Maps will take you there. You need to be on-line for this to work.

There are a few technical stretches in the route. These have been indicated in the roadbook, with the advice to have a look first before you drive on. If for whatever reason you think better of it, just follow the detour indicated on the map. All roads and tracks of the itinerary are legally accessible.