The Pyrenees from Andorra to Vielha

The Pyrenees form one of the most fascinating mountain ranges of Europe. Those who go for the first time will discover stunning scenery, rough landscapes, abandoned villages and vast emptiness. Those who have already been, know how it always fascinates.

This trip takes you through a wide variety of landscapes and cultures. Andorra represents modern Western civilisation of the neatest kind. This changes soon as you drive into the high mountains in Spain. The air is pure, the views are stunning. You drive some amazing tracks to explore the mountains of the Parc Natural des Hautes Pyrenées between Andorra and Vielha. You climb to well over 2400 meters altitude; drive through valleys along rivers; picnic in green pastures. No day is the same.

Major update for 2021

We have updated this roadbook considerably. The main route is more beautiful than ever with a number of new tracks. We have divided it into more sensible sections than before, each of which can now easily be done in a day. We have also added a number of extras, clearly separated from the main routes. This makes the roadbook easier to use and more fun to drive. Below you see the main route and the main route with extras.

Freedom to roam

Rather than cast the itinerary in concrete, we have decided to give you options so that you have the freedom to roam this part of the Pyrenees, knowing that the tracks can be driven.  You can drive the main route as indicated and you can create your own itinerary by connecting the different sections in the roadbook in a way that you like best.

  • Allow at least six days for the main route. Take more time if you want to travel at your leisure and visit the sites we have put into the e-roadbook.
  • The total distance is approximately 550 km.
  • About 75% is unsurfaced tracks.
  • Suitable for any standard 4×4 car with low-range gearbox and sufficient ground clearance.
  • For 4x4s without low-range gearbox we have included alternatives for trickier stretches.
  • You must have AT tyres.

Click on this link for a video impression made by one of our clients of the group tour of July 2018. The video is representative for the journey covered by the e-roadbook, even though the itinerary is different.

How to obtain

If you’d like to have this e-roadbook, do the following:

  • Add it to your shopping cart by clicking the button at the top of this screen.
  • Go to Checkout and complete all the fields on the form.
  • Choose your method of payment and pay.

We then get a message and create a user account for you. This may take a day. You receive an email with instructions on how to download the Roadbook for Discovery app and a userguide.

After you have downloaded the app, you log in with your username and password. Confirm that you wish to download the trip, which then happens automatically. You’re ready to go.

The e-roadbook is in English.

Visit interesting places

There are a lot of interesting places to see on or near the itinerary. Many are in the e-roadbook.You decide what you want visit, so that you can turn this truly into your own journey. You can deviate from the itinerary as much and wherever you like and pick it up again at any point.

The app can lead you to interesting place, even if these are not directly on the route. Click on a place you’d like to visit and Google Maps will take you there. You need to be on-line for this to work.