Driving according to the Green Code

Groene code

One of the advantages of a 4×4 car is the possibility to reach places other cars can’t reach. If we want to continue to do this, we’ve got be careful with the environment. Therefore we must stick to a few basic, common-sense rules of behaviour. We need to deal carefully with our rights of way.

We often pass tracks that look attractive to go into. Unfortunately there is sometimes a sign saying we’re not allowed to enter. Even though it might be tempting to do so, the chance of getting caught is slight and we can probably talk ourselves out of any problems, we will be strong and resist the temptation.

Resisting the temptation is the main rule.

Green Code on unsealed roads

  • We only go where we’re allowed to
  • We only make use of existing routes, open┬áto the public with motorised vehicles
  • We stick to those tracks and routes. If not, others will follow; new, illegal tracks will be created and we damage the environment
  • We respect nature and the environment
  • We avoid damage to trees and plants
  • We are aware of fire hazards
  • We take our rubish with us
  • Our cars are free of oil leakages
  • If we have to carry out repairs in the field, we make sure the ground stays free of oil and grease
  • We respect the rights of others
  • We leave gates closed that are clearly meant to keep out the public. We leave gates meant to keep animals in or out the way we found them
  • We respect traffic rules and signs; us not following the rules is a great source of irritation for other people
  • Slow down for pedestrians and cyclists
  • Avoid unnecessary noise
  • Greet other users of the road.