The high peaks of the Spanish Pyrenees

Mountain tracks are the norm for this tour. The route takes you to places you’d normally never get to; places you didn’t realise even existed in Europe.

The variation in the landscapes you travel through is striking. No day is the same. You drive high up a mountain until well over 2000 meters where it is crisply cold, barren and rocky. You may negotiate some snow and then descend into a lush green valley, with meadows, cows, sheep and have lunch in the shade because in the sun it is too warm.

On our way we come across some cultural gems, such as the the chapel of St. Joan de l’Erm and the spectacularly situated church of Montgarri. First and foremost this is a route that appeals to lovers of nature and stunning landscapes.

Luxurious Andorra

Our route starts in Andorra la Vella, the capital of Andorro. The first thing you notice once we’re outside of town, is that Andorra is actually a very nice country. It offers much more than just a tax-free shopping paradise. We drive up the Cabus Pass on tarmac and down the famous Smuggler’s Route into Spain on a mud track. The transition of the one surface to the other symbolises the transition from rich Andorra to a poor and remote part of Spain.

Remote Spain

Few people live here. In the village of Tirvia there is one bar, often closed. Burg is more welcoming, its chapel of Sta. Magdalena worth visiting. We drive on over rocky mountain tracks traversing areas where nothing grows.

And then, all of a sudden, we drive through lush meadows, with cows and sheeps.

Several times we are above 2400 mtrs. When we do this tour in October, there may be snow, turning the landscape into black and white. All the while and whatever the season we enjoy the crisp mountain air and the amazing views.

Practical information

The dates are the days on which we travel. We get together in Andorra in the afternoon of the day before our departure, allowing us an early start the next day. We end in the afternoon of our last day, thus giving us a total of six full days of travelling.

No special preparation of you vehicle is necessary. Just make sure it’s in good overall condition and that you have all-terrain tyres with plenty of thread left. You will get a comprehensive information package well in advance of the start of the journey.

You drive your own 4×4 vehicle.

Below you see an overview of the itinerary. Click to enlarge.

The journey is approximately 450 km long, of which about 75% is on tracks. These are not difficult or technically challenging, though they are interesting enough as a driving experience. A 4×4 with good ground clearance makes life easier, as does a low range gear box. These are not strictly necessary: we have had clients in a Jeep Renegade Trailhawk and a Landrover Freelander 2 who completed the tour with careful driving without problems.


  • Six overnight stays during the trip in hotels, including breakfast
  • Six days of travel
  • Researched itinerary
  • Tour description
  • Support car and two guides
  • Hand held radio in car

Not included

  • Any other meals
  • Fuel
  • Insurance
  • Overnight stays outside trip dates

More information or booking

If you want to know more about this journey, you can always contact us. You can book this journey via our booking form.