We received the following mail from Paul Honeywell, one of the participants on our trip through North and Central Portugal:

Hi Mark

I was just reflecting on what a fantastic adventure we had in Portugal. It combined amazing scenery, good company, lovely accommodation and food, and really learning how to drive a 4×4 off road.  We did things I never thought the car could achieve, but it seemed so effortless.

My Discovery 4 was put through its paces and returned covered in dust and what seemed to be “battle scars” but after a professional clean (and a new air filter!) there isn’t a mark left on it!  What an amazing car it is! I have new respect for it now.

Thanks to you and Hans once again and very best wishes for the success of 4×4 Discovery Travel. You certainly deserve it.


Thank you very much, Paul! Here are a few pictures featuring your fantastically capable, and dustproof, Discovery 4. Click to enlarge.