4×4 journey in central France

This is a trip starting near Vierzon in the Département du Chèr in central France and then goes south into the Auvergne region, ending close to St. Flour. It takes you through the famous vulcano landscape of the Auvergne on small country roads, often unsurfaced. The views are beautiful and most of the time you will be completely by yourself.

  • Take at least nine days to drive the entire journey.
  • Total distance: 850 km.
  • On unsurfaced tracks: 50%

Note on the time the trip takes: you need nine days to follow the prepared itinerary at your leisure. You need more time if you visit all the sights.

Here is a video impression of the trip:

Visit interesting places

There are lots of interesting places to visit on or near the route. Many of these are indicated in the roadbook. You decide what you want to visit, thus allowing you to make this trip completely your own. You can deviate from the route as much and as often as you like and pick it up again later at any point you wish.

If you want the app to guide you to a place of interest that is in the roadbook, but not on the itinerary, you click it, then click Yes when the system asks you if you want to be guided to it. Google Maps will open and act as your navigation device. This requires you to be on-line.

You can do almost the entire trip with a regular four-wheel drive car on road tyres. There are some stretches where you might struggle in such a car, though even so they are not impossible to negotiate. However, you may want to check first when you get there. These stretches have all been marked in the roadbook. All roads and tracks have public right of way.