Enjoy your 4×4 off road adventure tour

What will you discover on your 4×4 journey? The impressive Spanish Pyrenees? The rugged north of Portugal, exotic Morocco at the edge of Europe and Africa? Or would you prefer to do something completely different and go to Kyrgyzstan for an unforgettable journey?

4×4 Discovery Travel organises self drive 4×4 journeys through the Spanish Pyrenees, the North of Portugal, Morocco and Kyrgyzstan.

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Self-drive 4×4 tours

They’re all self-drive, either in your own car, or in Kyrgyzstan in one of our 4x4s. We drive in front, know the way and have prepared everything. You can focus entirely on your journey, where you are, what you see, what you experience.

Daily briefing

Before departure you will receive an extensive day to day travel description. Every day starts with a briefing: what is the destination, what are we going to do and what can you expect? With walkie-talkies we can easily communicate with each other on the road if you want to know something or just want to stop.

Offroad 4×4 trips including overnight stays and breakfast

During our tours we stop on a regular basis to enjoy the landscapes and the breath taking sights. Sometimes we visit a town or village and go for coffee and tea. We are happy to surprise you with local specialties during a 4×4 holiday. Share a quick meal with your own traveling buddies of go for an extensive group dinner. Decide yourself!

Terms and conditions

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