Discover the Spanish Pyrenees by yourself

Specially for individual travellers we have developed this version of our trip through the Pyrenees. It is longer than the group tour, you get our e-roadbook as your virtual tour guide and we book the hotels for you. The only thing you have to do is download the e-roadbook and go.

Mountain tracks are the norm for this tour. The route takes you to places you’d normally never get to; places you didn’t realise even existed in Europe. The variation in the landscapes you travel through is striking. No day is the same. You drive high up a mountain until over 2400 meters where it is crisply cold, barren and rocky. Depending on the time of year, you may negotiate some snow and then descend into a lush green valley, with meadows, cows, sheep and have lunch in the shade because in the sun it is too warm.

Beautiful scenery

Your tour starts in Andorra. You drive up the Cabus Pass on tarmac and down the famous Smuggler’s Route into Spain on a mud track. The transition of one surface to the other symbolises the transition from rich Andorra to a remote part of Spain. The mountains are breathtaking, the views stunning and different every day.

If you go in September or early October, autumn begins to fall with its beautiful colours or, in case there is some snowfall, you will be confronted with a landscape in almost black and white.

Remote Spain

Few people live here. In the village of Tirvia there is one bar, often closed.  You pass by the Chapel of Sta. Magdalena, a perfect spot for lunch. You drive on over rocky mountain tracks traversing areas where little grows. Then, suddenly, you arrive in green, cultivated valleys with meadows, cows and sheep. Several time you pass the 2,400 meter mark. Whatever the time of year, you enjoy the fresh mountain are and the silence of nature.

We have included a few extras in the roadbook for this individual trip, such as a detour past the chapel of Montgarri. An easy drive along a stream taking you to the magnificently situated chapel.

Practical information

The trip has been designed so that you can do it in seven days at a relaxed pace, assuming you drive every day. The first leg is from Andorra to Alins. The second takes you to Rialp, from where we have two round trips. From Rialp you go to Espot, then to Vielha and on the seventh day to Bossost.

No special preparation of you vehicle is necessary. Just make sure it’s in good overall condition and that you have all-terrain tyres with plenty of tread left.

The journey is approximately 500 km long, of which about 75% is on tracks. These are not difficult or technically challenging, though they are interesting enough as a driving experience. A 4×4 with good ground clearance makes life easier, as does a low range gear box. These are not strictly necessary: we have had clients in a Jeep Renegade Trailhawk and a Landrover Freelander 2 who completed the tour with careful driving without problems. Great fun guaranteed.

Here is an overview of the route:

When to go

You can do this trip at any time between late May/early July and early October. At the end of May there will still be snow in the mountains which, if winter has been severe, could block your path. In October the first snow may fall, which makes for beautiful scenery.


The price for this offer is from €1050 for two people, which includes:

  • Eight overnight stays for two people in comfortable hotels, including breakfast
  • E-roadbook containing a complete seven-day tour description and point-to-point navigation
  • Points of interest with pictures
  • Detailed map in your roadbook
  • Restaurants and hotels on the map
  • Detours and alternative routes
  • Suggestions for experiments: the roadbook invites you to try something out.

Not included

  • Any other meals
  • Fuel
  • Insurance

More information or booking

If you want to know more about this journey, you can always contact us. You can start booking this journey by sending an email to with your wishes and your telephone number. We will then contact you to make sure everyting will be okay so that we can finish your booking.

The hotel bookings of this offer are covered by the STO Garant guarantee. You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme on STO Garant’s website ( We will invoice the roadbook separately.