Among the many things that people who have never been on a tour with us want to know, two questions stand out:

  1. What do we need to do to prepare our car?
  2. What is the risk of damage to our car?

These are sensible questions.

Our answers are: very little and very little.

For the car the following is essential:

  • Make sure it’s been serviced and is in good overall working order.
  • Have a set of good all-terrain tires (five of them), with plenty of thread left.

If you do want to make changes to your car, fitting some under-body protection, especially for the differentials,is a good idea. A snorkel is nice especially in dusty areas.

And that’s it. Less is more.

Just don’t do as the locals do:

You may ask yourself if your car is in good working order and ready for the journey. If you have any doubts, mention them to us.

The routes we drive are non-damaging to your car: it is in nobody’s interest to take the risk of not being able to continue the journey. The worst that can happen is some scratches on the paintwork from overhanging branches on narrow lanes. If the foliage becomes very dense, we cut some of it away.

Whenever the track becomes technical, we get out, help and guide you. As long as you follow our guidance and have reasonable off-road driving skills, very little can happen.