On-road: the N2, Route 66 of Portugal

The longest road in Europe

There are many roads and lanes going through Portugal that stun you with their beautiful views, showing the diversity that Portugal has to offer. However, there’s one that stands out: the N2. With its length of 739,26 kms it is the longest single road in Europe and the third longest in the world.

The N2 runs north-south like a spine through the middle of the country. It starts in the north in Chaves, a town going back to Roman times, and ends in Faro on the Mediterranean.

The road officially got its N2 number on May 11, 1945 and at the time consisted of a series of connected smaller and larger roads. Some of these dated back to the Middle Ages and even to the days of the Roman Empire. Long stretches were unpaved or consisted of macadam, a technique developed by Scottish engineer John Loudon McAdam in which two layers of gravel were rolled on a basis of rock to create a relatively smooth surface. The English word tarmac derives from this: instead of gravel you use tar.

Obviously the current road differs here and there from the original of 1945, but not much has changed. It still goes through many of the same districts, counties, towns and villages as it did back then. The pace of life is slow here and so is the speed at which you drive. In this way you can fully enjoy the culture and nature that Portuigal has got to offer. Be surprised.

Culture and nature

Right at the start you find a cultural highlight: Chaves, an old town where it is a joy to stay. Take a stroll, have a look at the Roman bridge and visit the castle.

In the northern part you drive along a mountain range through a barren landscape, empty and with endless views.

The river Douro dominates the middle part. The valley that the river has created, is one of the oldest wine regions of Europe. Its terraces on which the vines grow are typical for the area. It is beautiful and fully justifies its designation as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The road leads past villages beautifully set in the mountains, where the houses have been constructed of granite walls and slate roofs. Some of them are 900 years old. Rarely do you get such a strong feeling that time has stopped.

South of the River Tagus we arrive in a totally different setting. Rolling hills filled with olive and cork groves characterise the Alentejo. Finally we get to the Ãlgarve, looking completely different from what you know from the brochures of travel agents. Here you find mountains, nature, solitude. At the end of the journey we reach the Mediterranean. More touristy, of course, but still, look around carefully, walk to the harbour and observe the fishermen. You will find that here, too, you can taste life in Portugal.

Drive the N2

To enjoy the scenery, the road, the towns and villages to the full, we tsake fove days to go from the northern tip of the N2 to its finish in the South. Furthermore, this gives us time to meet the local people, enjoy the cuisine and excellent wines.

We start with a day in Chaves so that you have a relaxed start of the journey on the day after. Once in Faro we spend a day on the coast to rest, reflect on the journey behind us and let it all sink in.

Group trip

For groups we offer this trip with a local, highly knowledgeable guide. José Almeida is a well-know expert on Portugal and specialist writer for Overland Journal, who puts all his knowledge and passion for the country at your disposal to create a fabulous journey for you. We take care of everything; you only have to enjoy your trip.


You drive between 100 and 180 kilometers per day. We take plenty of time to absorb everything the area we’re travelling through has to offer. We do several excursions, a boat-ride, visit quintas, where we taste wine, port and other local products. We stay in excellent hotels, all with a certain wow-factor.

Day 1: arrival in Chaves
Relax after your journey to the start. Have a stroll in Chaves.

Day 2: Chaves – Lamego
Distance: 98 km

Day 3: Lamego – Lousã
Distance: 157 km

Day 4: Lousã – Montargil
Distance: 177 km

Day 5: Montargil – Aljustrel
Distance: 161 km

Day 6: Aljustrel – Faro
Distance: 118 km

Day 7: relax in Faro
Have a quiet day on the Med.

Practical information

We offer this journey for €2500 per person, based on two people sharing a room. You form your own group. The minimum number of participants is eight (four cars); the maximum is 12 (six cars). Together with you we establish the dates on which you travel.

Best time to go

You can do this trip the entire year through. The best time of year is spring, from April until the end of June and autumn, from September until the end of October.


Included in the price are:

  • Seven overnight stays in excellent hotels
  • All meals
  • All excursions
  • All tastings: wine, port, local products
  • Boat-trip on the River Douro
  • Extensive information before you leave
  • Trip guided by a local English speaking guide
  • The guide drives his own car; all participants get a walkie talkie to communicate during the driving

Not included

Not included in the price are:

  • Expenses to travel to Chaves and return home from Faro
  • Rental car if applicable
  • Fuel
  • Travel insurance
  • Personal expenses

Extensions and adaptations

You can extend what’s included with a rental car. And you can personalise the trip according to your own or the group’s wishes. If you’d like to travel with a smaller group than eight people, this is possible. All changes are made in dialogue with us and will influence the final fee you pay.


To book, please contact us by sending an email to info@4x4discoverytravel.com or by filling in the contact form. Because of all the different options, you cannot book using the booking form.

This offer is guaranteed by STO Garant. You can find the terms and conditions of this guarantee schem on the website of STO Garant (www.sto-garant.nl/en/downloads).