The beauty of Kyrgyzstan can be in unexpected details. After our arrival in Bishkek we were already outside of the terminal building when one of us discovered she was missing her coat. Blast! Was probably still hanging on a chair near the luggage belt. In any Western airport this would present you with a formidable problem. How to get back to the luggage hall? You can’t just walk in and out. Not so in Bishkek. You wait until someone exits through the open door, quickly pop in, grab your coat and get out again. Not a soul pays attention.

This is typical for Kyrgyzstan. It hasn’t ascended the “all has been regulated” ladder very far yet. It is one of the attractive points of this country – not just because it’s easy to get your coat back. As a traveller you can still enjoy its raw purity, its freedom that a lack of rules brings with it. There are not many visitors either: about 1.5 million per year, of whom 75% stay around lake Issyk-Kul. This means you’ve got the rest of the country to yourself, especially in June and September.

What you see and experience can only be approached in words and pictures. You get the feeling of freedom, space, fresh air, crystal clear water and total silence if you experience it yourself. You’ve got to be there. Be inspired by the pictures below and join us on one of our tours through this stunning, friendly country.