4×4 Travels for travellers

Would you like to use a 4×4 car for what it was designed to do? Drive through stunning nature and discover unknown territory? Do exciting things with the certainty and safety of a trusted organisation? Whatever your motives are, with 4×4 Discovery Travel you will have an experience to remember.

There is always something to discover

We design travels for travellers. On every journey you discover something new. We prepare our journeys carefully, yet they are never the same. There is no straightjacket of a programme cast in concrete. Our travellers have different interests; we often see something new; or a track has become impassable – there is always something that will make us start an experiment. And that often leads to the most fantastic moments.

4×4 Journeys: also if you don’t own a 4×4

Lots of people who don’t own a 4×4 car, would still like to use one to get to places other cars can’t reach. We have formed a partnership with Landrover Adventure, a company who specialise in renting out the iconic Land Rover Defender. Their cars are young, well-maintained, fully ready for your journey with 4×4 Discovery Travel. Ask us for availability and rates.

Just be aware that if you rent a Land Rover, you drive it yourself to and from the starting point of the journey. These days form part of the rental period.

Address and other things you may want to know

Our address is:
4×4 Discovery Travel
Korte Raam 8
2801 WE  Gouda
The Netherlands

Registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number: 33274695
VAT number: NL8047.90.073.B.01


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