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4×4 Travels for travellers

Would you like to use a 4×4 car for what it was designed to do? Drive through stunning nature and discover unknown territory? Do exciting things with the certainty and safety of a trusted organisation? Whatever your motives are, with 4×4 Discovery Travel you will have an experience to remember.

There is always something to discover

It is great to hear from our customers that we organise perfect 4×4 tours. That we come through areas they didn’t know existed. It is greater still if your journey is an event you never forget . That’s why we make every effort to give you a superior experience. So that you understand what you see, discover new things and appreciate where you are.

One of our customers wrote to us:

Hi Mark

I was just reflecting on what a fantastic adventure we had in Portugal. It combined amazing scenery, good company, lovely accommodation and food, and really learning how to drive a 4×4 off road.  We did things I never thought the car could achieve, but it seemed so effortless.

My Discovery 4 was put through its paces and returned covered in dust and what seemed to be “battle scars” but after a professional clean (and a new air filter!) there isn’t a mark left on it!  What an amazing car it is! I have new respect for it now.

Thanks to you and Hans once again and very best wishes for the success of 4×4 Discovery Travel. You certainly deserve it.


And a dusty Disco 4

Travelling enriches

The tourist sees what he has come to see; the traveller has come for what he sees, as G.K. Chesterton said. 4×4 Discovery Travel designs travels for travellers. We believe that travelling enriches your life. Once you’re back home, you have changed a little. You see your familiar environment with different eyes. Because returning home is not the same as never leaving.

4×4 Journeys: whether you own or don’t own a 4×4

Lots of people who don’t own a 4×4 car, would still like to use one to get to places other cars can’t reach. We have formed a partnership with Land Rover Huren, a company who specialise in renting out the iconic Land Rover Defender. Their cars a young, well-maintained, fully ready for your journey with 4×4 Discovery Travel. Ask us for availability and rates.

Just be aware that if you rent a Land Rover, you drive it yourself to and from the starting point of the journey. These days form part of the rental period.

Address and other things you may want to know

Our address is:
4×4 Discovery Travel
Bodegraafsestraatweg 1-102
2805 GK  Gouda
The Netherlands

Registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number: 33274695
VAT number: NL8047.90.073.B.01

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